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Innovation system
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Technological innovation is an important means and basic way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises is the core competitiveness of enterprises. In the fierce competition in the market today, the modern business survival fundamental has shifted from dependence on funding to rely on technological innovation, technological innovation, becoming a corporate soul has become an indisputable fact. Joint-stock enterprises, as China's food industry has influence, Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., companies started from the beginning attached great importance to technological innovation and new product development. The company vigorously promote technological innovation, and gradually improve the enterprise technology innovation mechanism, strengthen technological innovation, improve the business environment for technology innovation, and improving the core competitiveness of the market, to enable enterprises to achieve the smooth operation of the enterprise as a whole through technological progress.
The first, and actively build a multi-level, open technology innovation system. Companies around the theme of technological innovation, the establishment of technology leadership team, R & D center and production plant technology group R & D system, the research, production technology research problems, the use of new technology, new product development, production and technical staff training, new market development integrated into a "technological innovation chain."
Second, the company actively establish cooperation mechanisms developed domestic and foreign research institutes, universities, the use of advanced science and technology to improve the company's products and management level, improve the company in technical defect.
At the same time, the company strengthened its quality testing of new technology and new products. As the food industry, quality of products related to human health. To establish and improve the advanced and reasonable quality evaluation system, evaluation standards and testing capabilities, the company's new products to market quickly, in order to improve the market competitiveness of the company provides quality assurance.

Talent Project Innovation System
Through the implementation of talent project to enhance the competitiveness of companies, it is an important project for the company's innovative system. The company attaches great importance to the introduction and training of personnel, multi-faceted, multi-channel for the company to introduce and train staff for business development and self-development of the compound talents.
Strategic innovation system
The company developed a long-term strategic development plan, the company implemented a strategic goal of technological innovation system:
• broaden and deepen R & D system, the company has laid the foundation research;
• promote the company's new products, new markets, new technology businesses;
• support and enhance the company's existing businesses;
• Application-related industries or national R & D projects, promote the company's technology in the industry, the market leader.