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Hainan Wanning Xinlong cocoa
Hainan Wanning Xinlong cocoa Co., Ltd. was established in early 2012, Wuxi Huadong cocoa Food Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary, the company's business scope for cocoa and other tropical crops cultivation, acquisition, processing and trade. The company set up to combine cocoa cultivation technology of Chinese characteristics, in Hainan to vigorously promote the cultivation of cocoa, for the cause of China's Cocoa planting opened precedent; combined with the reform of industrial structure of agriculture in Hainan Province, provides a new way to increase the yield of the Hainan provincial people increasing farmers. At the same time, improve the structure of the industry chain of the group, stable raw material supply, to provide an effective guarantee for the long-term development of the group company.
After the founding of the company that with Hainan agronomic group cooperation, by the Chinese Academy of tropical spice and beverage research provided cocoa farming technical guidance and daily management, establishment of cocoa cultivation standardization demonstration bases. The demonstration base is located in Wanning City, Hainan province in the New South Forestry farm field, about 5 minutes outside Xinglong. Demonstration base of the cocoa nut, will not only save a lot of land, and can significantly improve the land yield, will be on the surrounding farms and plantations households play to the demonstration of the role, accelerate cocoa cultivation promotion speed, so as to promote the cocoa industry development.
Driven by the demonstration base, the local government and farmers actively participate in the cultivation of cocoa, has been successful promotion of more than 10000 acres. The company plans and Chinese Academy of tropical spice and beverage research cooperation in three years in planting cocoa tree with a total area of 50 million mu, with spice and beverage research institute to build cocoa early fresh bean processing factories. At the same time provide technical guidance and support, and the surrounding township government or farmers signed a purchase agreement, all the acquisition of cocoa beans in Hainan Province, to address the worries of farmers. By then, the East China cocoa will be established from the upper reaches of the cocoa plant to the middle cocoa processing and then to cocoa end product production and sales of the whole industry chain mode, improve the competitiveness of the group.