Huadong Cocoa is committed to becoming an international top manufacturer and supplier of cocoa raw material and food.
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Huadong cocoa food (Xinghua)
Huadong cocoa food (Xinghua) Co., Ltd. is Wuxi Huadong cocoa Food Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, registered capital of 50 million yuan, mainly engaged in the processing of cocoa products (cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, cocoa cake, cocoa nuts) production.

Company covers an area of 180 acres, the first phase of the total investment of 500000000 yuan, of which fixed assets investment of not less than 300000000 Yuan; total construction area of 125000 square meters. The company designed the processing of 180000 tons of cocoa beans, a period can form 36000 tons of annual processing capacity. No. 1 plant a project has been officially built to run, 64000 square meters and 20812 square meters, plant has been put into use, No.3, No.4 plant has been capped, office building, comprehensive building, testing building completed. The first cocoa powder, cocoa butter production line has been through, the production line of the core equipment used by the Italy technology automatic hydraulic press. In addition, the entire production line is equipped with the domestic leading precision grinding equipment, automatic baking machine and fine milling equipment. In particular, the use of PRC automatic control technology, in order to protect the quality and production efficiency of cocoa products provide a solid foundation. The company will strive to build the Xinghua factory to focus on the processing base of Asian cocoa, cocoa research and development center of china.

The company will uphold "conduct prior to quality, quality show grade of" business philosophy, to lead the fashion of healthy consumption, provide high-quality cocoa powder, cocoa butter raw materials for the consumer market, to provide consumers with high quality, high grade, rich nutrition, healthy and tasty cocoa series food, for the community to provide with food related industries, high-quality services. At the same time, future oriented, and actively expand the cocoa food processing and cocoa food industry chain extension of the development of business management, with cocoa food sales, research and development, production as the basis for the development, to the capital market as the development platform, based on to the cocoa products R & D and manufacturing technology upgrade, rooted in the high-end cocoa food consumption market, leading the domestic and foreign high-end cocoa food consumption demand, actively enhance the overall competitiveness of the company, created in China and the world cocoa food brands.