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Cocoa Application
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candy beverage
Alkalized cocoa powder can be directly processed into drinks, add sugar, milk is more delicious.
Natural cocoa powder and cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla essence or other edible spices can be made into chocolate; chocolate milk further processed into milk chocolate.
Cocoa is also widely used in the production of ice cream, candy, cakes, by people's favorite, durable.

health and beauty
Cocoa in addition to a wealth of uses in the field of food, in the field of beauty has a significant effect of non substitution.
"Cocoa" unique charming fragrance can make people happy, improve mental excitement, promote skin blood circulation, make women more charming. Cocoa contains cocoa, yellow, and flavonoids and polyphenols have a refreshing effect, rich carbohydrates will provide the body to quickly provide heat.
From the "cocoa" squeeze "cocoa butter" is a natural sunscreen, it will not on human skin caused any harm, it can effectively enhance the skin's resistance to ultraviolet light.
"Cocoa butter" contains a variety of substances, can promote blood capillary relaxation, improve skin metabolism, stretch wrinkles, delay skin aging.
Effectively adjust the mental pressure, ease the tension, anti depression, adjust the mood. (European women living in South Africa, in the heat of the sun, the sun, the skin will not be sunburn, still maintained so delicate, shiny.