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Cocoa growth
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A cocoa tree grow into a need for a decade, mature cocoa trees up to 15 meters, with yellowish pink flowers grown directly on the trunk or main branch, hundreds of thousands of flower is only a small part can form the fruit, fruit is grown directly on the tree trunk, which makes the cocoa tree that looked very strange. It takes three or four months to grow fruit, and the length of time depends on the growth environment.
Each fruit is 30cm, weighing 300 to 500 grams. They have a tough outer shell, yellow or red, 40 - 50. Fresh cocoa not only bitter and acid, fermentation treatment of cocoa beans appeared brown, chocolate beans similar to our usual familiar appearance.
Each cocoa tree is only a year to harvest 1-2 kg dry cocoa beans, the fermented, dried, remove impurities, grinding can get cocoa liquid lump to refining cocoa powder, cocoa butter, these products is the main raw material of making chocolate.