Huadong Cocoa is committed to becoming an international top manufacturer and supplier of cocoa raw material and food.
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    With cocoa processing and food production as main businesses, the company has two product systems
    — raw cocoa beans fine processed products (cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, cocoa cakes, and cocoa kernels) and cocoa food equipment assembly (cocoa bean processing complete equipment)

    Wuxi Shangke Food Co.,ltd

    Shangke Food produces a full range of cocoa products including natural high- and medium-rank ……

    Huadong cocoa food (Xinghua)

    Huadong cocoa food (Xinghua) Co., Ltd. Mainly engaged in the processing of cocoa products production.

    Hainan Wanning Xinlong cocoa

    Wanning Xinlong cocoa mainly engaged in cocoa products production and processing.

    Cocoa Products

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